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I Really Appreciated The Honest Service I Got


I decided to go out on a limb and purchase a small building to run my business out of. I’m short on cash, and did not want to go through dealing with a loan, so I knew that I could be pushing it. Everything looked to be in perfect condition, but that could change at any time. That is exactly what happened when the air conditioning unit suddenly went out. I panicked. But it needed to be fixed, so I asked around about HVAC repair in NYC and found a company that quite a few people told me is very reputable.

When the employee showed up, I literally crossed my fingers upon seeing him. I trust my friends who gave me advice, but perhaps they just got lucky. But the employee was fantastic. He knew his stuff. And it was really obvious to me that he could be trusted. I feared that he may tell me that I would need a brand new unit and would need to spend thousands, but he pointed out that he had an instant hunch of the problem, and there was no need to go that far. He pulled the motor out, blew it out with an air machine, and put it back in. Once everything was hooked up again, the system turned on with a loud whirring noise, and everything worked as it should.

I thanked the guy for being honest with me. He said that he felt that I still had several more years of worth to get out of the unit, and that would give me plenty of time to save up for a new one. I was really grateful that he cared enough to take the system apart to fix the problem, without me needing to wait days for a new system.

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