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What Is Alice in Wonderland Syndrome


Imagine being lost in wonderland like Alice, that’s exactly what this disorder feels like for those few minutes when the brain loses perspective of reality. This disorder of the brain is also called Todd’s syndrome, since it was first discovered by Dr. Todd. It was later renamed the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, because of the similarities with the fable.

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Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is also known as AWS, and is an extremely rare disorder in which a person experiences episodes of distorted and disoriented perception. Such a person may feel like objects are getting smaller or larger than they are in reality, another alternative of this syndrome is when a person feels that objects are shifting around them on their own. Yet another perception that a person might have altered is the size of their own body seeming thinner or fatter than it actually is.

AWS is not an eye problem but is rather a problem in the brain that makes a person have a disoriented perception of their environment.  It affects multiple sensory organs, some patients of the disorder have also complained of losing a sense of time, in a way that it seems to pass to fast or too slow. This syndrome usually lasts between a few minutes to an hour.

Signs of a person suffering from AWS


One of the prominent symptoms of a person suffering from AWS is that they will experience a migraine during a particular episode of feeling distorted. Researchers have gone as far as to say that AWS is actually an aura that makes you feel a certain way for some time.

Size Distortion

Micropsia is a condition in which you surrounding appears to be smaller than it actually is in reality. While macropsia is a condition in which a person’s surrounding seems to be larger that it actually is. A person suffering with this disorder will usually experience both of these conditions at some point during one of their episodes.

Perceptual Distortion

Pelopsia is a condition in which a person perceives objects getting larger and closer, while teleopsia is a condition in which a person perceives objects getting smaller and further away. AWS tends to give these perceptions to its victims at some point or the other.

Time Distortion

A person experiencing time distortion in AWS with experience time moving either faster or slower than usual.

Sound Distortion

The victim of AWS will usually experience even the lowest of volumes as sound basts at a very high volume.

Loss of Limb Control

AWS makes people think that they have lost control over their body and can’t function voluntarily, some people even feel like their hands have gone numb.


AWS doesn’t really have a cure, but you need to know  that if your loved one is having an episode of AWS, it will surely pass. You just have to wait patiently. Although, if the Migraine gets to severe you can treat the migraine till its completely cured.  This is one of the rare mental disorders that won’t cause you much harm in the future so fret not, just let the episode pass and everything will come back to normal.

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