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Tips for Selling Your Car for Scrap and Getting the Best Price


If it is getting hard to spend money on your car each month due to its poor condition, then it might be time to sell it for scrap and get the best price possible.

Below are some tips on selling your car for scrap for the best price in 2021.

Find the right ATF

It is important to work with a scrapping company that is scrapped. Working with an illegal company is illegal and can get you fined. So make sure that the company you choose authorized.

Search scrapping companies in your area on the internet. Visit their website, message them to see the activeness of their customer support team, check customer reviews and their services. You can also ask them to give you an estimated quote.

Then select the company that you find the most suitable. Go for the company that offers the best price and services. You can also visit the offices of multiple ATFs in your area to have a face to face conversation.

How to get the best price for your car?

The below tips will guide you on selling your scrap car for the best price possible.

Sell the whole car

Some people try to separate different parts of their car and sell them separately. Doing so reduces their car’s weight and its scrapping value a lot. So, you should try to sell your car as a whole. But if you think that your car’s parts are in very good condition and you have the skill to remove them without damaging your car in any way, then you can think about removing them. However, it’s important to note that specialized parts like BMW oil pan parts may have a higher value if sold separately to enthusiasts or collectors.

Know the stock market rates

Selling your car at a time when the rates of metal are high will profit you a lot. You should know that rates of the metal keep changing every day. So, check the rates properly before selling your car. The most abundant metal of a car is steel. Then comes the aluminium. The worth of aluminium is more than the worth of steel. So, if your car has more aluminium, then its scrapping value will increase.

As mentioned earlier, the prices vary from time to time, so try to sell your car at the time when the metal has a high demand, and its rates are high in the market.

Visit different ATFs

You should not select the first scrapping company your visit. Rather visit different scrapping companies and ask them for a suitable price. Then select the company that pays the right amount according to your car’s condition, weight, etc.


Find the authorized treatment facility in your area and ask them for a suitable quote. Know what the rates of metals are in the market, and try to sell your car for scrap when the rates are high. Also, try to sell the whole car instead of removing its parts first. Doing so can reduce its overall value.

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