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Tips For Controlling The Infomercial Itch


I must confess that I am a recovering impulse shopper.  I’ve known that I have had a problem for many years, but it took an intervention for me to finally accept it and embrace what I am.  I have to admit that there are times that my old shopping urges rears its ugly head.  For me, one on my weaknesses is the infomercial and all of those wonderful products that are being sold.  I can actually feel my heart racing as I come across one on the television.  I just have to remain calm and fight the urge to spend, spend and spend some more.

If this sounds like you, then I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that you can control the infomercial itch and survive to live another day.  The bad news is that you can control the infomercial itch and survive to live another day as well.  Whether it’s a problem for you or not is for you to decide.  If you have a real problem with infomercials, you may need the help of a professional who can help you overcome whatever troubles you.  If you are like me and understand your problem, you can learn to cope with it and learn to deal with any situation.

So if you or someone you know has the urge to splurge on infomercials like those As Seen on TV ones, then here are some tips that might help you regain your composure and conquer the infomercial itch.

Tip 1: 

The first tip is to understand and embrace who you are.  It’s the idea of being true to yourself.  Shopping can be fun and exciting especially when there’s low prices and bonuses attached to the deal.  You just have to fight the urge and realize that you can’t overdue a good thing.  It takes baby steps to undo the habit, but you can do it.

Tip 2:

The infomercial itself isn’t your enemy.  They are really vehicles for companies to sell products that aren’t normally available in your retail stores.  For many people, infomercials are entertaining and showcase products that may actually save both time and money. Just don’t let the urge of buying and spending overtake you.  Accept them as a good way of entertaining you.

Tip 3:

Control when and where you watch infomercials.  If you know that you are more vulnerable when alone at night watching them, then consider alternative times and maybe include a friend or family member.  It’s sometimes good to watch them with a trusted friend because you can lean on each other for support when the urge to splurge becomes harder to fight.

Tip 4:

Don’t try to stop watching infomercials cold turkey unless you have the strength it would take to do so.  The body and mind has a way of making them even more irresistible when you just stop.  It’s better to take baby steps and slowly move away from the infomercial itch.  Before long, you’ll find that you can watch them with a new outlook on life and enjoy them a whole lot more and without pressuring yourself to buy.

Tip 5:

One of the best ways to control yourself is to make a bold announcement to your friends and family.  Just let them know that you may need their support if the urge becomes just too great or if you find yourself watching hours upon hours of television.  Maybe they can be your support and suggest other things, like a walk or a good movie instead.  Just remember you are not alone and it will be okay.

Tip 6:

Form a support group.  If you think about it, there are numerous help and support groups out there that cater to a variety of addictions and compulsions.  So why not form your own “Addicted to Infomercials” support group.  Maybe in a room with other that know what you’re going through, you can finally get the infomercial monkey off your back once and for all.

Tip 7: 

Sometimes the best way of getting rid of an itch is to just scratch it.  If you are one of those lucky enough to just stop, then you desire a lot of praise for doing just wonderful job.  Keep up the good work and let each day pass knowing you’re going to be okay.

Tip 8:  

Finally, the last tip for controlling the infomercial itch is to do absolutely nothing at all.  Infomercials are on any time and on every channel.  You shouldn’t deprive yourself of something that you love especially if what you’re doing isn’t harming you or anyone around you.  Infomercials are just longer versions of television ads.  So you have the choice of which ones you want to see and the power to turn off the television if you’re not interested the product.

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