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Things To Avoid While Leading People


Are you new to the business world? Then surely this all will be daunting too. How to deal with the employees? How you should behave with them, how to lead them, all might be overwhelming for you. Where you need to take care of a lot of things, there are also some mistakes that you need to avoid, especially as a business leader if you want your business to be in a good position and keep growing. And these are the mistakes that a lot of the new business leaders tend to make. But if you are taking careful steps and trying to take one step at a time just like Larry Page did, then you surely are going in the right direction. Here are some mistakes that you need to avoid when leading a team of people for your business:

●      You know it all

This is the biggest mistake that you can ever make while leading a team – thinking that you are mighty and you’re the only one right here because you know it all. A lot of the new leaders make this mistake and these types of leaders are not favorites of their employees. The best practice is to involve your team or your employees in the discussion to know their input just like Tom Jakobek does. Because maybe what you are thinking might not be beneficial. Getting necessary input and getting to know what they think is also important as who knows any idea from them might turn out to be a deal-breaker for your business.

●      Not a good listener

You are not a good leader at all if you are not a good listener. Having a leader who does not listen to his employee’s ideas is detrimental to the business. And this is also a big factor that causes a rift between the relation of an employee and a leader. No employee likes to work in an environment where his opinion is not valued. An effective leader should listen to his employees and hear his concern and even if it is not business-related having a good conversation is also a must.

●      Not giving a feedback

If a leader is allowed to be strict with his employees in terms of work, then he is also entitled to give them feedback when they do their best. They should be encouraging them for better and provide them with their feedback now and then. In this way, the employee gets to know he is lacking and when he gets good feedback from his leader, he gets more inspired and tries to excel more in his work. Which in return is good for your own business.

●      Being way too friendly

Being friendly is good but being way too friendly is detrimental. One thing that the new leaders or business owners do is they just become way too frank. Being friendly is important but when it comes to business, strictness is also necessary. Because if you are not strict in terms of work then your employees start to slack in their work which is damaging to your business. To find out more about if being overly friendly is beneficial or annoying, visit this website: https://newsupdatesnow.com/


Being a business leader like Tom Jakobek Toronto-based the founder of KBNJ Consulting, you need to balance a lot of things. Being way too strict or being way too friendly is never going to work. If you are new in the business world then you are surely going to face a lot of ups and downs. Being a business leader might sound daunting but if you follow these steps and try to avoid these mistakes then surely you are taking a step towards betterment.

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