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The four main duties of a solicitor explained


If you are confused if there are differences between a solicitor, a barrister, and a lawyer, well there are technical differences between these three‌ ‌legal professionals, they have different roles and functions in law and justice.

There are some cases for a corporation or an individual who opted to hire a solicitor to manage their legal matters without the service of a lawyer or a barrister, so, how does a solicitor really do their jobs for their clients?

To give you more explanation about the proper role and duty of a solicitor, then you came to the right post because this will be explained further below courtesy of the best solicitors in shrews bury.

The four main duties of a solicitor explained

  1. Provides legal advice to their client– If ever you are faced with a serious legal matter in your business such as the failure to pay the company’s taxes and other obligations for a company to the government, then you need to seek advice coming from a solicitor. You should be sharing them your problems with regards to your business, and they will be the ones to provide you with the needed advice in preventing any legal action against you from the government. If the case is already filed against you, they will be the one to guide you to come up with the best counteraction solving your problem.
  2. They prepare the case for you– As part of their main duty, a solicitor will be working together with either a lawyer or a barrister that will be representing you in the court. They will be the ones to prepare all the required documents at the same time frame their client’s answer to the case that is filed against them, they also provide the advice on how to properly handle the proceedings while on court which basically are the ones who are responsible in coming up with a sound plan in handling the litigation.
  3. Composes legal contracts– The written agreements that are signed by the parties involved should always be considered to be legal and binding, which should always not contain any error or a missing part. The reputable solicitor should be the one that helps their client navigate through this intricate process of drafting legal documents to ensure that the signatories of it have fully understood their obligations, the conditions if there are any exclusions or inclusions written in the contract. To put it simply, all of the legal obligations are incorporated into that document or contract.
  4. Manages negotiation and transaction for their client– A proper communication can easily resolve any disputes which are why solicitors are very useful when it comes to handling negotiations for both parties by providing them the best solution available towards a resolution that prevents any legal cases filed in the court.
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