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The Fashion of Pink Pearl Necklace


The pink pearl is one of the rarest color shades of a pearl. The pink color is a natural occurring shade found only in freshwater oysters.

These pinky pastel colors are not due to artificial treatment, and the colors doesn’t fade away or change with time.

Akoya pearls give an appearance of rose gold pink color. Akoya pearls are basically white in color, but they overtone with a rose pink color and is often a product of a pinking treatment.

Gives the feminine expression

Pink pearls give out the feminine expression and a beautiful look to the wearer. The soft and delicate pinky feminine shade goes well on every woman.

The shades of pink pearl necklace

There are several shades of pink pearl necklace. They can range from light and soft baby pink to intense honeysuckle pink, magenta or even dust rose gold tones.

Selection of pink pearl necklace and the wearer

The selection of a proper shade of pink pearl necklace is important as the selection must be done according to the complexion of the wearer.

  • The dark shade of pink like magenta suits a light complexion person very well as the dark color contrasts with the skin complexion and will blossom the look of the necklace.
  • The lighter shades of pink like powder pink or baby pink goes well on a dark complexion skin as the contrasting between the necklace, and your skin will appear as a perfect match.

Elevating your style quotient with a pink pearl necklace

The off-white pearl is commonly worn due to its pure and iridescent shade. When you are changing your style from off-white pearl to other shade of pearls, then a pink pearl necklace is a good choice. The pink pearl necklace gives out a feminine expression along with a soft, delicate and elegant look. Wearing a pink pearl necklace will elevate your style quotient and will express your choice of fashion. Wearing this necklace on dark velvet clothing will look extremely beautiful along with a hint of elegance.

A pink pearl necklace will definitely add a charming and beautiful style to your wedding look or any other occasional look.

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