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Smartest Details for the Perfect Wedding Dress


Wedding is one of the most romantic events in the life of every couple in love. Everyone dreams that this day was touching and remembered with pleasant memories. First of all, you need to carefully prepare for the wedding. One of the most important attributes of the holiday is the clothes of the bride and groom a costume and a hääpuku.

Couples in love choose spring or summer for their wedding. After you have decided on the date of the wedding, you need to visit several salons in order to choose the dress of your dreams and learn about the range of goods, prices. Remember that a quality wedding dress cannot be too cheap. On the Internet you can see pictures of dresses. You can also get inspired by celebrity wedding dresses and choose a similar outfit. Then the consultant will be easier and easier to choose the dress that will be beneficial to emphasize your figure. We must also try on different styles of dresses in order to understand which one is right for you. It is necessary to decide what color the future dress should be white, cream.

Traditionally, there are five main types of female figure. According to these types it is necessary to select a wedding dress.

  • Type figures “pear.” It is characterized by round curvaceous hips, narrow shoulders and slender waist.
  • Type of figure “apple”. It is characterized by slender legs and hips and a complete lack of waist.
  • Type of figure “inverted triangle.” Shoulders wider than hips.
  • Type hourglass. This type of shape is considered ideal.
  • Type of shape “rectangle”. Almost the same proportions of the shoulders, hips and the absence of a clearly defined waist.

In accordance with these types, experts recommend choosing a wedding dress to hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure:

Ball wedding dress, or “princess” silhouette

That dress and juhlamekko häihin of this style will make you feel like a real princess. Indeed, in such a happy day you want to go like a fairy tale. For a ball gown is characterized by a lush bottom, which starts from the waist. This dress will be suitable for brides of medium and tall. The style should be chosen for girls with the “pear” type, as it will successfully underline the waist. The silhouette will also suit the owners of the “inverted triangle” figure. The most successful such version of a dress will be for girls with a “hourglass” figure.

A-line wedding dress

In this dress the brides will look romantic and gentle, and the wedding itself will be in a classic style. The silhouette of the dress is very similar to the letter “A”. This wedding dress can suit a bride with any type of figure. A bride in an A-line dress will look unique and elegant.

Straight wedding dress

Make the image elegant and feminine. A straightforward wedding dress will add grace and perfection to the bride. This style can afford only girls with the figure of “hourglass”.

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