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Rent or Buy an E-Bike When Touring Melbourne


As the second biggest Australian metropolitan based on the coastal area, Melbourne is a tourist destination with so much to explore and do. It hosts some of the world’s best bars, restaurants, plazas, hiking and mountaineering destinations, bike-riding boulevards and much more. When you tour Melbourne, you will likely want to explore the amazing cycling routes and sceneries in Melbourne. Finding good electric bikes for your cycling needs can prove complex.

Should You Rent or Buy?

Those touring Melbourne and want to cycle have the option of buying or renting an electric bike. Buying may seem good since you will retain the ownership rights all through the exploration. However, it will add to your baggage and may force you to pay more. Unless you had plans to buy an electric bike once you reach Melbourne, it isn’t a good way out.

Contrariwise, ebike hire is affordable and reliable. You are only getting ownership rights for the period you will be using the bike. There are no responsibilities attached to it. You will have many options to choose from as bike rental companies have hundreds of different sized, designed, and branded electric bikes for hire.

How To Go About the Hiring Process?

Now that you have concluded hiring an electric bike is the cheapest and most sustainable way out, you have to make sure you find a good electric bike rental company. Lookout for companies that offer electric bike hire delivered to you services. Your only work will be to view through the large selection of their electric bikes, choose the best one for you, provide your address, pay for the bike, and relax to have your bike delivered to your doorstep.

Is Ebike Hire Worth It?

Electric bikes are fun and enjoyable to ride. Less effort is required to cycle electric bikes. Most of them are engineered to offer optimal air cooling. They are safe to ride and keep you off the busy traffic. With electric bikes, you can tour almost everywhere within Melbourne at your own convenience. The best part is that you can always rent the type, brand, and size of electric bike you prefer and love.

Where to Rent Electric Bike in Melbourne

When touring Melbourne, you can easily rent an electric bike offline or online. If you want it immediately, you can visit any of the renowned e-biked rental shops and get yourself one. If you love the convenience of doing things online, you can head here to order for your electrical bike rental and get it delivered to your door in a matter of hours. Fill in all the address information correctly if you don’t want to experience delays.


If you have plans to visit Melbourne in Australia and would desire to cycle with friends and family for fun, you have to know where to start your hunt for high-quality and well-conditioned electric bikes. You don’t want a situation where you won’t have enough or the right bikes in the D-day. Beckon Media promises to deliver all the bikes you rent to your doorstep. Reach them out for solutions and guidance.

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