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Practical Ideas On Rear House Extensions In Wimbledon


Do you reside in Wimbledon and you would like to add rear extension to your home?  This write up will open your eyes to some ideas on rear house extensions in Wimbledon.  The ideas given here are simple and practical. They can help transform your home beyond your expectation and make the place homier than ever before.

Simple reconfiguration

You can decide to reconfigure the existing structure at its rear side instead of building an entirely new structure.  Such reconfiguration rear house extensions in Wimbledon can be made in such a way to let in more daylight.  The rear can also be reconfigured in such a way that a window opens from the rear rooms directly to the garden or the drive.  The reconfiguration can also be made to improve on privacy.

You can equally add internal walls or add new doorways to give you easy access to the rear part of the home. If you would rather limit access to the rear in order to improve on security, you can decide to remove that extra door and seal the place up.

Building up

Instead of just reconfiguring the already existing structure, you can as well build an entirely new structure at the rear of the home. The new rear house extensions in Wimbledon structure can however be linked to the main building via a doorway.  This way, the two will look more like a single unit.  It means no need to get out of the main building into the open before gaining access into the extension.

Maximize space

Instead of going for a bungalow, it may be better to go for a storey building. Construction experts can provide you with single storey rear extension ideas that you can implement.

There are several designs you can go for, depending on how elaborate or simple you want the extension to be.  Average cost per square meter is reduced when you go for single storey extension ideas unlike when you make it a bungalow.  The more expansive elements of the foundation and the roof will be limited a great deal and this will help cut cost.

Temporary structure may be better

When looking for the most practical house extension ideas, it may be better to opt for temporary structure ideas. Why is this so? You may change your mind tomorrow and want to remodel the extension. While temporary structures are easier to modify, permanent structures are never that easy to modify.   In order to make future extension or modification very easy, you will do well to opt for temporary house extension ideas.

Styling the extension

Many home owners carrying out rear house extensions in Wimbledon always prefer to make the extension look exactly like it had always been there. What they do is to pain it up and design the extension like the main building. Some may decide to repaint the main building in same color as the extension and no one will be able to tell the difference.  You may however opt for a different style if you are not comfortable with this idea.

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