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Natural carpet- Perfect choice for modern homes


It can be quite a struggle to buy the area rugs. You require something that not looks good, but also something which is strong enough to withstand the pressure coming with high foot traffic. This is especially important for families and homes with pets and children. Buying natural carpets can be a solution and a way out of this problem.

The natural area rugs are gaining tremendous popularity with modern families all across the globe due to their various favourable features useful for the modern lifestyle and environment. The best part is that you can get varied styles, hues and colours in natural rugs for giving natural texture to the home. Moreover, these are a practical choice for all the rooms in a home.

Why you should use natural fibre rugs?

  • Hard wearing and long lasting

When it comes to withstanding high foot traffic and durability characteristics, natural fibre rugs are a great choice. Some of these like the seagrass fibres are even stain-resistant. Other kinds of natural rugs can be treated to make them stain resistant. So, you can easily place these rugs in areas receiving a lot of footfall without having to worry.

  • Easy to clean

Not only are the natural rugs durable and strong, but these are also very easy to clean. These are generally anti-static and do not attract dust and dirt. Thus, you can easily clean them with your vacuuming routine. Keep in mind that you should not use the steam cleaning and other general methods for cleaning the natural rugs as these are detrimental to the rug’s life. Rather, a simple cleaning routine on a regular basis is enough to maintain clean natural rugs.

  • Affordable

When you buy a natural carpet for your home, you are saving money while making a sustainable choice. The rugs can be recycled at any time and you are also helping the environment as these are fully biodegradable. The natural fibres are obtained abundantly from their resources without the use of chemicals fertilisers and pesticides. So, on one hand, you get an eco-friendly and safe product, on the other, you would spending less amount of money.

  • Versatile

The natural rugs can blend in the different kinds of interiors very well. These are a choice for placing in kids’ and pets’ play areas as these are completely safe and devoid of the use of chemicals for their production.

General points of consideration

  • If you prefer chunky and soft textures with an earthy look, it is preferable to use the jute carpets. These jute fibres can also be dyed in other colours, so you can a wide range to choose from.
  • In situations which require hard wearing and durable use, the sisal rugs are a perfect choice. These are available in earthy tones as well as in dyed options. These need to be protected from moisture.
  • The need for stain-resistance and durability can be met by buying seagrass rugs. However, these are very slippery and these can be used in all areas of the home except the stairways.

Based on your style preferences and the requirements of your home, you can opt for different kinds of natural fibre rugs.

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