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Murder Mystery – An Excellent Team Building Event


Thinking of ways to bring your team closer together while having some fun? Murder mystery and escape room games are great ways to help your employees or team members bond. Once they learn to work together using a murder mystery, they’ll easily tackle anything that comes their way on the job or on the field. If you are looking for team building ideas in Leeds, you find many as interesting or exciting as a murder mystery experience. This type of experience is perfect for employers or coaches who are trying to inject some fun into their event.

It works well to improve things such as:

  • Team Bonding
  • Communication
  • Powers of Deduction
  • Informal Networking

The Benefits of Murder Mystery

As a manager, team leader or coach, you should be looking at ways to improve performance. Introducing an evening where attendees get to work together, mingle and follow clues to find the killer is an exciting way of bringing people closer.

Details of the Game

A murder mystery experience starts off with your team trapped in a room, they have 1-hour to comb through all the information, solve puzzles, have fun and escape. Once they’ve escaped the room, they can now focus on catching the killer.

The experience allows your team to work in unison to get out of the room and identify the culprit. The theme can be changed regularly, giving you the opportunity to use it with multiple groups. It is a great team building experience or an interesting incentives programme.

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