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LUNA Crypto Price Prediction: Will LUNA Go Up?


The cryptocurrency market is very volatile. That is the reason why crypto trading is so popular. Traders generate income from crypto price fluctuations daily and in the long term. On the other hand, cryptocurrency price is so unpredictable that it often brings losses to crypto holders. That is what happened in spring 2022 when following Bitcoin, all crypto rates moved down.

Like any other market, the crypto market goes through cycles – ups and downs. Those cycles depend on the market trend, investor sentiments, supply, demand and external events happening in the world. One of the most significant drops was noticed in the spring of 2022 when the LUNA cryptocurrency price collapsed. Let’s discuss this project today and understand what prospects it has.

What is LUNA?

Terra Luna is a blockchain project that provides fast and efficient funds transactions worldwide. After the collapse of the LUNA coin, its creators built a new Terra chain, divided into two other chains:

  1. Terra chain – meant for developers who create DeFi products.
  2. LUNA Classic chain

As of September 2022, Terra LUNA cryptocurrency price is $0,0002853. Crypto analysts made a LUNA cryptocurrency price prediction and concluded that the rate may rise to $3,13 by the beginning of 2024.

Where Can I Buy Terra LUNA?

The rebranded cryptocurrency is listed on all big crypto exchanges. We recommend buying digital assets on the WhiteBIT platform. It is a centralised exchange with access to fiat-crypto pairs. That means you can buy LUNA crypto with real money using your debit card. This opportunity is available for registered users who pass KYC verification. Attaching a bank card to your account allows you to move funds from your card and buy any crypto with it. If you need to withdraw funds back to your card, you can also use your WhiteBIT wallet. When working with bank cards, pay attention to their fees. It is profitable to use a Monobank card, for it charges zero fees on WhiteBIT. To discover more about the digital asset bitcoin, visit this website:

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