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Learning Applications for the Bright Android Users


If you think that you know everything that would be false. You have to be careful about what you now and what you don’t. You know there is always a scope for learning new things. You can always make sure that you are coming across the stuff that is edifying you. If you want to have something handy that teaches you something or the other every day then you should think about learning apps.

You can get the best learning applications that would give you a proper dose or learning regularly. In this way you would get to expand your experiences and learn extensively. Moreover, the applications would also ensure that you learn the right concepts and that too in smidgen of time. Have a look at some of the apps below:

MyScript Calculator 2

This is a fun filled application for both children and adults for polishing their Maths. The application allows you write out issues with the finger or simply a stylus. The app then converts the text and solves the issues for you. The application is one of the most visually adored calculators that you could have ever seen. It even supports a number of operations, such as that of basic algebra, basic trigonometry, basic arithmetic, and some other stuff as well. You can conveniently write out some things, like that of division and fractions in different ways. The app is especially recommended for the individuals who are in grade school, high school, and even the ones doing studies in college.  If you feel that maths get on your nerves then you need to get this app right away.


EdX is one of the unique and unusual education apps. Rather than catering courses from different professionals, it caters courses from the actual and real time colleges. You would not receive a legitimate college degree out of these. However, there are various types of courses in computer programming, engineering, history, psychology, nutrition, statistics, and plentiful of others for you to grasp. The platform also features online or offline video lectures, diverse kinds of course announcements and even hand-outs, and rich tutorials. All of it is there for free.  Anyone who wants to learn and is not after degree should definitely go and check out this app.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another influential education platform. It caters a diversity of courses and classes to folks. It even boasts over ten thousand instructional classes, videos, and also that of other content. The platform is completely free as well. Khan Academy deals with more characteristic education, like that of mathematics, economics, history, science, and more. This platform even owns an app that is specifically for kids that have severalof the same features. This app is certainly a good option for learning new things and elevating your knowledge to great level.


Thus, do 9apps free download and make sure that you install these applications as soon as possible. You never know which skill you hone or the knowledge you acquire turns out to be beneficial for your bright future!

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