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Is Recreational Marijuana the Right Choice for Your Evening?


Marijuana is becoming more and more popular around the United States as more states and cities are decriminalizing and even legalizing the substance recreationally. Legal marijuana is bringing in some big revenue through places like recreational cannabis dispensaries  and other marijuana-related businesses throughout the United States. Colorado is one of the states that are seeing big things thanks to the money that legal marijuana is bringing to their region. There are a lot of reasons why recreational marijuana is so popular and many people are seeing it as a better option than alcohol when it comes to unwinding.

Marijuana Is Safer Than Beer

When it comes to negative side effects, marijuana has far fewer than alcohol and there are even studies that may indicate that it could have some positive effects over the long-term as well. While you shouldn’t be operating machinery or driving on marijuana or alcohol, you are likely to be more coherent while under the influence of marijuana when compared to beer. Smoking isn’t great for the lungs, but there are several ways to consume marijuana like edibles and oils that have a lot less negative consequences to your body.

You Won’t Have a Hangover

Many people tell themselves that they are never going to drink again because of the hangover that they are dealing with. While some people do decide to quit for good, others end up making the same mistakes and telling themselves the same things again. With marijuana, you aren’t going to have that awful hangover that drinking is so infamous for. You may end up not feeling well because of the things that you have eaten, but you won’t have to be chugging water to stave off the dehydration. It’s still important to remember to stay hydrated while you are enjoying recreational marijuana, but the physical consequences aren’t as serious with marijuana when it comes to alcohol.

Some People Enjoyit More

One of the main reasons why so many people are choosing recreational marijuana over drinking is that they just like the feeling more. If you are doing something recreationally, you want to make sure that you enjoy it. Whether you are spending a night out on the town with your friends or binging television at home, everyone has their own ways to wind down and enjoy their day and yours just might be smoking a joint or eating an infused cookie instead of popping open a can of beer or 2.

Whatever your reason to enjoy recreational marijuana is, it’s important to keep all of the risks and benefits in mind. As mentioned before, it is a bad idea to drive while under the influence of marijuana and it is still illegal even if it is not as cut and dry as driving drunk. Medical and recreational marijuana use is becoming legal in more places and more people are wanting to try it out without being afraid of the legal consequences that used to come with it.

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