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Innovation and adoption of mobile technology in business organizations


A complete dissertation on Mobile Technology Revolution and Business Models is probably one of the best writings one could assume from the large and extensive research work in modern technology. Business with mobile technology has developed as a main key tool for many companies as mobile technology continues to develop and gain popularity. It offers customers accessibility, allowing them to acquire products or services at any time, from anywhere.

Online business with mobile technology is quickly spreading in all over the world. Business organizations that adopt this inventive way to sell or provide services and achieve customer relationships must make technological and strategic variations. 90% of the world population uses the mobile technology, according to the Pew research center. Therefore, companies need to adopt the mobile technology for business.

Online business future with iPad/mobile technology

Approximately In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy products and services online, which will be up from 1.66 billion worldwide digital buyers in 2016. Business companies sell their goods and services in every platform with the help of mobile technology, especially for this purpose they use social media. Most of Business organizations have iPad for their every employee and organizations which don’t have iPad for every employee they hire iPad from iPad rental companies for their employees. Through the iPad employee can communicate with their customers very easily and effectively.

The usage of Mobile and Wireless Information Technology (MWIT) for peoples by a business organization is a comparatively new phenomenon for some companies. But most companies use this mobile technology for many years.

Social media marketing

Many companies use every marketing platform for increase their sales and services through mobile technology. The most famous online marketing world is social media. Business organizations uses the social media marketing in their events to boost up their sales and customers. Companies also use social media tools in their product lunch events. They communicate with their customers online through social media. This invention in mobile technology and adopt this technology in business organization is going very successful.

Western companies are highly dependent on mobile technology innovation for their business growth and employment, especially the companies which are located in London (England). Because in London it is very easy to get the iPad for short terms of period. If you want to use iPad for online selling, you could easily get iPad from iPad hire London Companies in a very cheap price.

Quick Response with iPad/mobile technology & other electronic devices

Chatbots are also famous invention for business organization which companies use for quick response. Chatbots, with their capability to give support to the customers about company products and services through a computer program that will be like human conversations. It could be a time and money saver for companies. They can answer the questions and complaints of customers within a few seconds. Companies can reach to their customers as soon as they could in a very efficient way. This is possible for business organization only because of invention in mobile technology.

Service innovation is believed to deliver competitive advantage to economies as a whole as well as to individual business organizations. Online business is known as the use of Mobile Internet technologies to manage business strategies, such as sales and purchase, supply chains, and relationships with customers. Mobile technology adoption in business organizations exposes a set of outputs of this process, such as time and cost reductions in service providing, improved information quality, staff training and enhanced business organizational effectiveness and abilities to achieve their targets and goals. Mobile technology adoption is necessary for business organizations existence.

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