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Ink vs Inkless: SPOT the Difference


Whatever needs ink but has been turned into something that is now just inkless is such a cool and interesting concept, is it not? There are inkless printers and pens, and even an inkless baby footprint kit! And yes, that is right, there really is no need for ink!

Although people have begun using technology and electronics to gather information on a variety of subject matters, the need for simple, plain ol’ papers is still very much in demand. There are many different kinds of baby footprint kits around the world. And most of the time, in different countries, they are still being used, mostly in hospitals as soon as the baby is born.

Even though there are different kinds of baby footprint kits, the invention of an inkless version is still very much amazing. You may compare it to a sports car without fuel, right? But that is not the case! There are so many reasons as to why inkless kits are much the rave right now, and it is not just because they have no ink with them!

Below is a list of the pros and cons of the inkless kits:

  • The inkless kits do not need the liquid ink that the regular baby footprint kit.
  • It does, however, require special paper. There is a procedure for the print to be on the paper, that is, the pad and the special paper have to work together. With that, regular paper cannot be used.
  • Inkless pads are more likely to be lightweight, which makes it easier to walk around with.
  • It is harder to find the materials for the inkless kits. A limited number of stores sell the special paper and the inkless pads.
  • The special papers that are used are more environmentally friendly. Since there is no ink, there is no toxic and wastage.
  • The special paper is much more costly as compared to the regular papers. More costly, more money.
  • Inks may become dry and messy if not used properly. With inkless pads, thanks to the technology of it, it does not become dry or messy.
  • The maintenance of inkless kits is much easier as compared to regular ink pads.
  • Inkless kits are really more trendy and innovative.

So what are you waiting for? Sure there are some cons to getting an inkless kit, but what does not have a bit of a slightly bad side?

You have to admit that the inkless pads are hotter than the regular ones. It is so cool! You would not be embarrassed to be seen walking around with it. And what more, walking around with something so trendy with your very beautiful child!

Get one now! You will definitely not be disappointed!

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