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How to Not Feel Cold in the Bathroom in the Winter


Do you get a jolt, especially in winter, when you step on to a cold bathroom floor? No one likes a cold bathroom. How then can you keep your bathroom warm? Whether it be wooden toilet seats or heated towel rails, there are a variety of ways not to feel cold in the bathroom in winter.


A low-cost option for making sure your bathroom is warm is to check the radiators. Do they fully warm up? If they don’t, it’s likely that they need bleeding to remove trapped air. When you bleed a radiator, it allows the trapped air to escape and hot water to flow around it, warming it up completely.

Heated Towel Rail

When you step out of a shower on a cold morning, it’s good when you can wrap yourself in a warm bath towel. That’s why having a heated towel rail is a familiar favourite in the bathroom. Mounted on the wall, you can warm your towel while you’re taking a shower. A warm towel can help hold off the chill of the bathroom when you’ve finished.

Materials used

Bathrooms don’t just have to have a cold modern look. Using materials like wood or copper can help retain heat and enable a bathroom to look and feel warm. For example, a copper bathtub can help retain heat and keep the water warmer. Equally, using wood in the bathroom can help make it feel warm. Instead of bathroom tiles why not consider wooden panels. Not only do they add a lovely texture they won’t always feel as cold as tiles. Whether it be wooden floors or wooden toilet seats, wood can make your bathroom look warm and special.

Underfloor Heating

Another way to make your bathroom feel warm is to install underfloor heating. If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, it’s worth considering underfloor heating. If cost is a factor, why not think about a new bath mat or rug. They can make a big difference to a cold floor. It provides an extra layer of insulation underfoot and keeps the cold at bay.

Heated Bathroom Lamps

If you want to warm up your bathroom for a short period, you should consider using a heated lamp. They’re a good way of providing some extra heat when the weather is cold. It means you can raise the temperature without having to rely on the bathroom’s main heat source. The result is your bathroom will be warmer when you get out of the bath or shower. On the downside, using heated lamps for long periods is not an efficient way of keeping a bathroom warm.

And Finally

Not feeling cold in the bathroom in winter doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many other ideas to stop you feeling cold that range from the simple to the luxurious.

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