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Favor jewelry made of semi-precious stones and wear models of jewelry in natural stones allows you to benefit from their healing capacity. By visiting the catalogs of lithotherapy shops, you can discover many models of jewelry capable of highlighting its wearer. Articles belonging to lithotherapy are capable of healing thanks to the presence of crystals in the manufacture of jewelry such as amethyst, aquamarine, rock crystal, citrine, turquoise, ruby ​​… (Click here)


Whether gifts to offer or simply semi-precious stone jewelry   bought to have fun, these trendy accessories represent reliable values ​​in terms of surprises. Buying jewelry in natural stones from midwestjewellery.com is a more economical gift idea compared to buying jewelry in gold, silver, emerald … Natural stones like peridot, labradorite, amethyst or amazonite are natural stones that can be used to make beautiful jewelry. The peculiarity of lithotherapy is that it is an unconventional curative method allowing curing certain ailments thanks to natural stones. This pseudoscience can be applied by combining lithotherapy and jewelry.

In addition to benefiting from an excellent aesthetic jewel, it is enough to place a pendant on an area of ​​the chakra such as the heart or the chest to benefit from the therapeutic virtues of the minerals making up the fashion accessory. The selection of semi-precious stone or natural stone jewelry in a boutique specializing in lithotherapy can be done by choosing a type of jewelry, by selecting the color of the small ornate object or quite simply by being guided by the design of the items. As a connoisseur, it is best to learn about the symbolism of colors. In this way, we can turn to stones with the right colors. To purchase natural stone jewelry,  click here .


In addition to representing aesthetic and pleasant jewelry to put on to complete your garment, semi-precious stone jewelry is an invitation to discover the fascinating world of lithotherapy. The fine stones give the wearer effective therapeutic properties for natural healing. Each semi-precious stone and mineral represents a concentrate of vital energy. The items in the lithotherapy shop  allow consumers to choose from a wide range of colors and materials. Natural stones worn as a necklace, pendant or bracelet allow the wearer to enhance their outfits while enjoying the benefits of stones throughout the day.

Natural stone jewelry is composed of many fine stones such as turquoise, agate, amethyst … Other models of aesthetic jewelry contain organic materials. This is the case for jewels made with amber or coral. Semi-precious stone jewelry has specific properties. This is the case with turquoise, which has been used for millennia around the world. The mystical abilities of this stone symbolize eternal youth. These jewels provide the wearer with soothing powers for the mind. Tourmaline is a material that can come in different forms: bracelet, necklace, ring, pendant as well as the raw form. This borosilicate which is available in an infinite number of nuances promotes creativity and alertness.


Gemstones represent all of the gems that are not considered gemstones. When looking for jewelry made from natural stones, one can be interested in lithotherapy. This unconventional medicine allows us to understand the symbolism of fine stones. Thus, the topaz represents the stone of serenity. This aluminum and fluorine silicate is very popular with jewelers for its wide variety of colors. The fashionable stone is available in yellow, white, orange, pink, purple, green, blue. Certain jewels are composed of a multicolored topaz. With regard to amethyst, this stone which symbolizes strength is available in a variety of transparent pink to dark purple. This type of macro crystalline quartz owes its color to the presence of iron.

Aquamarine or sea stone is found mainly in Brazil. Belonging to the family of beryls, the term aquamarine is a gem that has always been associated with the sea. As for citrine, the stone whose name comes from the word lemon because of its yellow color symbolizes calm. This stone which is part of the crystalline quartz also symbolizes heat. Finally, peridot is a mineral that represents wisdom. This fine stone which is present only with green tones is known as Olivine. Offering natural stone jewelry is one of the gifts that can be offered on different occasions. We can for example offer a semi-precious stone jewel on a birthday. Offer as a birthday present to a man a curb chain, a signet ring or a bracelet. A jewel set with fine stones represents an original and customizable gift. For a woman’s birthday, preferably choose light and fine jewelry. Semi-precious stone jewelry can also be offered to celebrate an engagement, a wedding or an anniversary.


Displaying a natural stone bracelet, drop pendant, rolled stone or necklaces with a heart pendant embellished with stones actually coming from Brazil allows you to complete your outfits thanks to the warm colors of the minerals. Well-being jewelry not only improves the appearance of its wearer, these natural products bring many benefits. The advantage of natural stone jewelry is that these items are appreciated for their quality and their unique design. These accessories interest fashion lovers who are captivated by the many shapes, colors and patterns of jewelry present in the catalog of litotherapy shops. Since the dawn of time, man has attributed great importance to stones. These materials were used to build and achieve artistic wonders. These minerals adorn pieces. Some rocks even play a mystical role.

The models of articles presented in a shop specializing in semi-precious stones are products designed with materials selected around the world by professionals. The products sold in stores that are experts in the sale of jewelry are made with gems offering customers an excellent color, appearance and careful polishing. The selection of jewelry can be done by favoring the association between stones and astrological signs. You can also choose your jewelry taking into account the virtues attributed in lithotherapy. Many semi-precious stones have energetic properties. Several minerals are used to revitalize the mind and body, reduce certain pains or absorb bad waves.

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