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How Often Should I Clean My Kegerator Lines?


To keep your beer always tasty and fresh, it is crucial to clean your kegerator lines regularly using a beer line cleaner. It removes all the contaminants that can negatively affect the quality of your drink.

Read our article to know how to use this solution correctly and why it is so important to remove wild yeast, beer stone, and mold from the beer dispensing system.

How to Clean Your Kegerator Lines?

The process of kegerator lines cleaning is as follows:

  1. Mix 15 ml of the cleaner with 1 liter of clear cool water.
  2. Disconnect the beer faucet and connect the cleaning line.
  3. Disconnect the CO2 regulator and then disconnect the beer lines from the keg. The ends of these lines need to be placed in a bucket.
  4. Pump the beer line cleaner through the system with a hand pump. The cleaning solution should recirculate inside the lines within 15 minutes. If recirculation is not possible, allow the solution to soak in your lines for 20 minutes.
  5. Pour out the liquid and rinse all the equipment to remove the residue of the solution.
  6. Clean all faucets with a brush. At the end of the cleaning, rinse them with cold water.
  7. Assemble and connect all the parts. The system is ready for operation!

Ideally, you should clean the beer lines every two weeks!

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Beer Lines?

If you do not clean the kegerator lines regularly, the following contaminations may occur:

Wild yeast

The appearance of white or gray build ups (this is what wild yeast looks like) can spoil the taste of beer, as well as reduce its shelf life.


Mold can be recognized by its brown or black color. The consumption of beer contaminated with mold can lead to intestinal disorders and poisoning.


Although beer bacteria are not hazardous to human health, they can spoil the appearance, flavor, and taste of the drink. The beer contaminated with bacteria becomes sour and vinegar-like.

Beer stone

It also negatively affects the taste and quality of the drink, it can clog the beer lines and provoke the growth of yeast or bacteria.

To avoid all these contaminations, buy a beer line cleaner from Beverage Craft. The products of this company allow you to effectively remove wild yeast, beer stone, bacteria, and mold so that the beer will remain delicious and safe for the health of your customers!

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