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Home of the Secondhand


Most of the time when you would like to build a home, you would like to use materials that are new and sturdy, to make sure that the home does not crumble any time. You want to be safe and secure while walking around floors and your doors do not break and windows do not fall off when you open them for a breath fresh air. Best not to succumb to a squeaky and soft material as you are sleeping soundly on your bed.

New materials are more trusted when it comes to basically everything. Rarely do people settle for second-hand or used materials for their everyday life. People want new items, especially when it comes to technology, and as mentioned, homes. After all, those two are the most used equipment and one of the most important necessities in living respectively.

When people think of the word “used” they immediately believe that the material is broken or not in good quality anymore. The majority would not even think of buying a used item, even if they get it for free. The thought is very understandable, after all, everyone wants the best of what they can have, especially if they can afford it anyway.

But can you believe that used materials are still very useful? Unless it is very defective and is trash-can worthy, used items are still good enough to be given a chance. A used Apple or Android product just because the previous owner decided they always want to get the latest in the market, and the same goes for a desktop. Though it would be great if brought to test it out at a shop first, if it is still deemed as a working gadget, you get it and save money, too.

However, what about when it comes to a new home? Now that could be a different story. Your home has to be strong for all the happenings inside and ready to face any weather. So why would you even consider to get used materials for something so important?

Secondhand materials can be handy. As mentioned, not only do you save up on money, but it can also save the environment. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Buying used materials mean that creating new ones is becoming limited and thus, makes the earth shy away a few feet from global warming.

Just to inform you, there is a shop that sells both new and used building material. And that is A&R Secondhand Dealers. Based in Melbourne, A&R deals with new and used building. Unlike most yards and shops that also deal with secondhand materials, A&R focuses on retailing the materials. You do not have to fret about the genuine quality, A&R guarantees that your new project will be a dream come true!

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