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Beautiful days are coming, it’s time to take your dresses out of your dressing room but there is a small problem: your legs, arms and faces come out fresh from the winter and are whiter than snow! We all have the same reflex, expose anywhere from the first rays of sunshine!

How to remedy all this without breaking the bank in UV sessions? Without swallowing the capsules of beta carotene to prepare you skin and appear tanned even after the holidays? I propose you to test Vita Liberata, a new range of self-tanning and innovative solar oils of Irish origin. And yes, the name is confusing and would sound Latin but not at all!

Everything starts in Paris where I had a chance to be invited to my very first chicken party , a girly Parisian event that brings together bloggers from different universes, selected and come to discover new products on the theme of travel. The chicken party is doing everything possible to find you new brands and make you know products that will be tested and relayed by bloggers. A unique gathering not to be missed if you are selected! The atmosphere is great and promises great encounters.

That’s how I knew Vita Liberata and I let myself be seduced.

Not being a fan of UV but a fan of bronzed and golden skin, I played the game and I must admit that I rather liked the concept! The self-tanner applies easily with a glove on the face, arms and legs and dries in seconds!

Vita Liberata are passionate skin care and tanning! In 2007, they created the world’s first self-tanning odorless odor, which allowed them to acquire a certain notoriety in a short time.

In 2011, they become the first brand of non-toxic tanning products and develop a range of solar products without paraben, alcohol and products. chemical. The ingredients are pure, natural and certified organic. They provide a velvet feel on the skin while moisturizing it and a natural shade that adapts to your skin texture.

Finished the carrot colors, the orange marks under the blow, the skin that sticks and especially the marks on your white clothes. You see what I’m talking about!

Based on these principles, Vita liberata quickly found itself in such prestigious places as the George V in Paris, the St. Regis, Viceroy, the Ritz-Carlton and the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

This brand is sold in 26 countries of the world. In England, the products are only found in spas or corners dedicated to well-being. In France, we can find them for the moment that at Sephora.

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