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Guide to Plan a Private Beach Wedding


Being a bride you would have discovered that by now that how stressful planning a wedding can be. Especially if you are planning more of the secluded wedding then you must narrow down the list of your guests inviting only close family and friends. A wedding is an event where you need all the emotional support you can get and who can offer it best than the people who are close and supportive towards you. So to make your wedding memorable and avoiding all the mess that comes along with big weddings you have to settle for a private wedding. A perfect beach wedding is the dream of most of us and a private beach wedding can be made possible very easily.

So here is the guide to plan a private beach wedding so you can know how can plan it step by step.

Selecting a beach

First of all, you have to decide which beach you want your wedding to be held at and to make that possible you have to book a resort or in some other cases needs to book cabins by the beach where you can accommodate your guests and yourself.

Wedding Dress

When you imagine a dream beach wedding you see yourself in a very light pretty white dress. General beach wedding dresses with no lace should be what you must search for because sand entrapped in your lacy dress would not give a beautiful picture of your wedding that you imagined. If going for a lighter dress you can also find some great pieces in plus size wedding dresses that can show off your curve just right.

Bride look

Your overall look shall be according to the beach and for that, you can get a loose updo with curled tendrils escaping. Ad if you are not so worried about beach air then you can also get some loose beachy waves with a flower crown. And since it is a beach wedding you just have to ditch the heels and settle on some cute sandals that are appropriate for the beach as well as the wedding.

Information on weather

Another most important thing you need to consider while planning a beach wedding is that you should look up the weather forecast and how high or low the tides will be that day.

Guest list

Making a short list of guests consisting of the people that are very close to you as that will make it a perfect private beach wedding.


As far as refreshments are concerned good seafood at the beach is what everyone will enjoy and a couple of good drinks can make it even better.

A Backup plan

One of the most important thing that you must consider in your beach wedding is a backup plan because weather forecast sometimes can turn out to be another way around and in that case, a backup plan will help you save your perfect wedding moment.

So these are some of the things that might help you plan a perfect and private beach wedding and more simple you keep the wedding more comfortable you will be which is exactly the goal of a Beach wedding.

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