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Islamic wall art is a very beautiful combination of calligraphic art and spirituality. Different from other forms of art, spiritual art serves not so much as home decor, but an expression of and reminder to the self about the faith adhered to. Most of the Quranic passages displayed in calligraphic art are those most frequently or commonly recited like Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, Masha Allah and Allahu Akbar.  People, for example look up ‘best Masha Allah art’ or ‘Masha Allah art online for salejust to give an example.

The expression Masha Allah is said especially while lauding or praising somebody.  Arabic for ‘By the Will of Allah’, ‘Masha Allah’ means that one’s achievements, be it a successful career or attractive physical traits or other endowments, are a manifestation of the ‘Will of Allah’. If a newborn is adorable, it is because Allah has Willed him/her so. Without a shred of doubt, He has willed it to take root in the mother’s womb and live, grow and thrive out of it. When one says ‘Masha Allah’, it is an acknowledgement of the Will of Almighty Allah in all the good things in life. There is, in fact, good hidden in what appear to be bad things happening to us. People also say the phrase to guard the object of praise from the evil eye.

In Surah Al Kahf, the 17th chapter of the Holy Quran, there is a line ‘Masha Allah La quwwata illah Billah’, which is Arabic for ‘By the Will of Allah, there is no power except with Allah’. Allah’s all-pervading Power and Might is beyond any bound that we can possibly imagine. All that exists does so by His Will and His Permission alone. Profound, significant and deep, yet light on the tongue, this phrase is much recited on varied occasions – be they of stress or ease. It is a powerful, perfect reminder of Allah’s Will behind all that we experience in life.

So, the flat that you are residing in is by Allah’s Will. All the blessings in the house – from essentials like food and water to special blessings like children and spouse to even luxury items like couch, table and lights – are all around us by the Will of Allah. Absolutely nothing takes place without His Will or His permission. Our existence, our breathing, our experiences of life, are a consequence of His Will.

‘Masha Allah’ is thus a quite powerful, signifact, oft-recited Islamic zikr which every believing, practising Muslim says many times. It is therefore no surprise then that in the world of Islamic wall art for homes, ‘best Masha Allah art’ and ‘Masha Allah art online for sale’ are keywords on Google. Sought by Muslims across the globe, belonging to different geographies and occupations, but united in the faith that all that happens, good or seemingly bad, is by Allah’s Will and Permission only. This belief is crucial element of faith, one which can’t be emphasised enough. It is most certainly very powerful by itself.

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