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Facts to Know Before you get on the Wheel When Intoxicated


Cases of drunk driving have reached worrying levels in recent years. The sad truth is that out of 10 accidents that happen every day, 7 are linked to drunk driving.  When drunk, drivers are unable to clearly see what’s happening around them which doubles the chances of an accident happening. Before you get on the wheel to ride on your car when intoxicated, you must always remember that you aren’t only posing risk to yourself but also other road users. Hiring motoring offences solicitors is always a recommended action when accidents happen but if you master these facts about drink driving, you won’t find yourself in such awful situations.

You May Not be caught on the first Day

Unless you are the unlucky champs who don’t know the meaning of luck, you can drive under the influence several times before you get caught.  It’s estimated that most drivers ride for more than 80 times while under the influence before they are arrested and charged. That doesn’t offer an opportunity for you to drive under the influence though.

Drunk Drinking Causes 27 Deaths a Day in America

It’s roughly estimated that in every 51 minutes, someone loses their life due to accidents triggered by drink driving. This makes drunk driving one of the biggest causes of deaths in America. This essentially translates to 27 deaths every single day. That’s really alarming and worrying. It’s likely estimated that in every 120 seconds someone gets injured in a drink driving accident.

$114.3 billion is Lost Yearly due to Drunk Driving

Drink driving is estimated to cause a loss of $114.3 billion yearly in America. This amount is the combined amount from the $51.1 billion America loses due to the accidents and $63.2 billion lost owing to the unexpected deaths.

Most Drivers with Revoked Licenses Still Drive

We all agree that when someone’s driving license is revoked, they should never drive again. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with most Americans.  As a matter of fact, 50 to 75% of drivers whose licenses were revoked owing to offenses of driving under the influence are still driving.  Since the law has banned such people from driving, it simply means that they are driving illegally.

These are some of the facts you ought to know about drunk driving whether you have been involved in drink driving offenses or not. Having this information ready in your fingertips will save you a great deal when you find yourself in the mess. Another interesting fact to know is that there are thousands of certified and qualified motoring offenses solicitors in the UK. Knowing what to look out for in the best solicitors will avoid you from making wrong choices.

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