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Do you Want to have Tasty and Healthy Food in the Office?


They say,” First impression is the last impression.” With Elizabeth Andrews, Corporate Catering creates an everlasting impression on your clients and customers. Within corporate catering Melbourne they offer breakfast, lunch combinations, cakes and pastries, hot and cold canapés, hot buffets, salads and desserts, and what not to make your day delicious at your business.

Taking a good amount of nutrition while working is essential to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Eating good and healthy food will allow your immune system to function much better, and you will stay infection-free. Having lunch or breakfast at a restaurant daily while working in the office can deteriorate your health. Whatever you eat determines your productivity as well. Therefore you must avoid taking risks regarding your food.

Unhealthy food options feel efficient for our stomach, but in reality, it contributes to negative performance at work. Imagine your body being your car and your stomach as fuel. Would you not go for the best fuel for your car to give you a smooth ride on a long journey? Probably the answer will be yes. That’s the same case with our body if you want a smooth day at work it will largely depend upon what you eat.

Now ordering healthy yet tasty food in office may sound a tough task to you, but with Elizabeth Andrews Corporate Catering, you can order your food in a very simple and easy manner. You just have to do the following:

On-call order

You can go through their menu and call on their customer care department from 7AM to 5 AM. they are available on all weekdays for your assistance.

Order on Email

You can send your orders via email as well.

Online order

After logging into their website, click on the red box mentioning ‘order here.’ Choose the item and the required amount of quantity. Add it to the cart. After adding all your delicacies, press ‘Go to checkout’ present on the right side. Finalize the order and confirm it.

If you are planning to organize a cocktail party, sit down lunch, buffets, BBQs, Christmas party, etc., Elizabeth Andrews Corporate Catering offers function catering also. Their team of hospitality experts carries 100 years of experience in Food and Beverage Management. They cater to your food on time with a mouth-watering presentation with amazing taste.

You can trust Elizabeth Andrews Corporate Catering because 95% of food is made in their own premises. They have gluten-free food available on their menu, which ensures a healthy diet. Now with corporate catering Melbourne available at Elizabeth Andrews, you don’t have to look any further and you will have everything at your doorstep whenever you crave.

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