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Defending Yourself Against a Sex Crime Charge


You cannot take an accusation of sexual assault lightly. The penalties for a conviction on such a charge are severe, and in some cases ruinous to your life. The first thing you should do after you have been arrested for a sex crime is call a lawyer such as the ones found at the Skinner Law Firm. You need a lawyer who will be by your side. You need a lawyer who knows how to stay ahead of the prosecution and any media story that develops.

The Need for Competent Legal Counsel

If you are in a high-profile position and you are accused of a sex crime, it will likely make news in various media. This sort of thing can cause shame and embarrassment to your family and lasting damage to your name and reputation. You may be tempted to deliver an angry and emotional response to every story that appears, but this is a bad idea. You should instead allow your lawyer to handle all your communications with the press and the public.

If the allegations threaten your position within the organization you work for, your lawyer should be on top of it and should take the actions necessary to prevent your termination.

Sex crime allegations are always highly charged. It is perhaps the one allegation in which people are assumed guilty until they prove themselves innocent. And the worse the allegation the more salacious the gossip and rumors.

Types of Sex Crimes

You should have some understanding of the kind of accusation you are facing. Sexual assault can include anything from groping and inappropriate touching to rape. If you are convicted of the latter you can spend years in jail and be forced to pay a large fine.

Any sex crime that involves a child means the complete ruin of your life if you are convicted. The real ordeal begins after you leave prison. You will be forced to register as a sex offender. The registry is public which means potential employers will see it. This can prevent you from finding gainful employment. You will also be forbidden from being in the vicinity of children, including your own. And some states have passed laws that are so restrictive that it is impossible for sex offenders to find decent accommodation.

Fighting for Your Life

You should avoid this if you can. If you have not done what you are accused of, then you need to fight it all the way. A lawyer who specializes in sex crime cases can help you do so.

There may be many reasons why a child would falsely accuse you of inappropriate behavior toward them. They may be coached by someone who wants to see your downfall. If it is your children from a previous marriage, you should not put it past your ex to make such a suggestion to them. Whoever is behind it, your lawyer will find them and expose their dishonesty and abuse. Your lawyer will do all that is necessary to preserve your freedom and your way of life.

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