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Comfort Food Should Always Be Available


We all have our comfort foods. These are the foods that are there for us when we need them. The foods that don’t just fill our stomachs, but fill our hearts as well. It’s not the easiest concept to describe. But thankfully, there’s seldom any need to. Most people are well aware of the basic concept. But there’s a part of comfort food that people often lose sight of.

Comfort food is only comforting when it’s available. This is one of the big reasons why people seldom have foods that take a long time to prepare as their comfort food. Though there is a single big exception there. Pizza is seldom an easy food to prepare on one’s own. The sauce alone can involve a huge amount of effort. And even with a pizza stone it just doesn’t match up to a real pizza oven. One can strain with the flour and yeast for a considerable amount of time. Try to perfect the combination of oils and temperatures. And in the end even a single mistake can waste hours of work.

But there’s a few good reasons why pizza is the perfect comfort food despite all that. One of the biggest reasons is that delivery is almost ubiquitous. For example, someone living in Kirkwood could easily find a pizza delivery kirkwood mo style. And that idea of style isn’t superfluous either. It ties into the exact nature of one’s town and state. And that’s part of what makes it such a comfort food.

But to properly understand that one should look a bit further into the nature of pizza. It’s not nearly as simple a concept as people might imagine. For example, consider Naples. It has a particular style of pizza that’s based on the fact that it’s where the food originated. And after all of this time they’re still honing their pizza making style.

The history in other areas might not be quite as extensive. But the love that goes into their pizza making is just as readily apparent. Some of this comes from more well known areas such as New York or Chicago. But to go back to our earlier example, one shouldn’t neglect areas such as Kirkwood. If pizza is made somewhere than it’s certain that they’ll have some sort of unique spin on the idea.

And that’s one of the things that really makes for a comfort food. Think about how it feels to settle down on a couch that you’ve owned for a long time. It just has a certain wonderful feel to it. You can almost feel yourself sliding into an indentation made by being comfortable for long stretches of time.

Comfort food should be like that. It shouldn’t be something that you need to stress over in the kitchen. It should be a single phone call or website away at all times. And you should be able to settle into a delicious bite in the same way that you’d settle onto your couch. Comfort food is just that, something to offer total comfort and zero stress.

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