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Cheap Hotels That You Can Find In Semarang


Semarang as the capital city of Central Java Province can be considered as one of the best city that you can visit in Indonesia. Besides its main attraction as the capital of Central Java, it turns out that Semarang also has many other attractions that you will love. In fact, many foreign tourists are coming to Semarang just to find out all of those attractions in this capital city of Central Java. If you are also interested in going to Semarang for your next travel, then you will need to think about your hotel when you stay in Semarang. If you want, some of the hotel in Semarang below might be worth to consider, especially for those who have the limited budget during their trip to Semarang. The first one is Amanda Hills Hotel Bandungan. As the name implies, this hotel is located a little bit up to the hills in Bandungan area. It is true that this hotel might be a little bit far away to the city, but if you consider the nice view at night from this hotel, then you will be pleased to book this hotel. That is because the night view from this hotel to the city below is very spectacular, especially if the weather is good. As an addition, the starting room rate for this hotel is only about 15 dollars per night. That one is very cheap for many travelers.

The next one is City One Hotel Lamper Semarang. This hotel is not that far away from the centre of Semarang City, but you will still need about 20 minutes of drive when you start from the airport. even though this hotel looks a little bit old from the outside, the services of this hotel is considered as one of the best among many other cheap hotels that you can find in Semarang. As an addition to that, the starting room rate for this hotel is not more than 20 dollars per night. Unfortunately, that number is only for the express single room on this hotel. The last one is Hotel Pantes Semarang. The main concept of this hotel is to give the room for those who want to take a short break. That is why the look of this hotel is considerably simple in modern style. However, you can still take as much time as you want in this hotel. With the simple modern style, this hotel is considered as one of the most wanted hotels with the cheap room rate in Semarang. That is because the starting room rate of this hotel is only about 20 dollars.

If you still cannot find the best hotel based on your limited budget, then you might want to consider booking your hotel from Mister Aladin. This site is able to help you find the cheapest hotel that you need in Semarang. As an addition to that, you can also get some various additional discounts that you will love from the site. This is one nice opportunity that you should take.

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