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Can You Build A Better Physique Without Protein Supplements?


Many people ask questions like can you build a better physique by just eating whole food? Or do you need supplements as well? Well the answer is both yes and no. the only question is do you have enough patience? Body building just by consuming whole foods is very much possible but take a longer amount of time. Due to fast lifestyle and stressful jobs, none of us gets the nutrients that is required for a healthy body. No matter how well we eat, we are still deficient of something!

Supplements make it much easier to make up for all the nutrients that we missed. Click the website https://supplementsangles.com/. Find out more about all the benefits of supplements that can help you stay healthy.

Various types of supplements are available in the market. They can be found in the form of pills, protein drinks, protein powders, multivitamins, meal replacement powders and more. A person who is focused on body building must take 6-7 meals a day, where each meal should contain protein and carbs. 3-4 meals out of these must have whole foods like fruits, rice, chicken, fish and vegetables. Other 3-4 meals should consist of supplements in various forms.

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Protein Supplements

Ideally all interested in body building must buy protein supplement.  Protein supplements usually contain all the essential level of amino acids which supports maximum muscle growth.

They tighten body tissues, develop muscles and enhances body growth. If you find more about the herbal supplements and medications, go to the website https://herbalonlinedenature.com/.

You will find all types of protein supplements in the supermarkets, health shops and also online. The most easily available are in powder form and shakes. They are easy to consume and is helpful if you have a fast lifestyle. Protein powders also contain added flavors, so that the powder becomes more palatable. You just need to add one scoop after working out and a scoop and a half before bed. Theycan easily be mixed with water or milk and fruit juices. Sometimes smoothie breakfast bowls have protein powders mixed in them. New and creative recipes also involve mixing a scoop of protein powder in your pancake batter.

Other than this, they are also available in form of bars and pills. Bills can be swallowed anytime as per the recommendation. Protein bars have oats, nuts and various whole grains mixed in them. They serve as very nutritious snacks after a workout of in between meals. According to the department of health, men must consume 55.5 gram of protein supplement a day and women should take around 45 grams.


Although there are many varieties of supplements available the best protein supplement for muscle is debatable. Some find powders and shakes as convenient while other prefer pills and capsules. But no matter what it is supplements are not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet rather a side dish to be taken along with the meal.

The overall message is protein supplements are helpful in body building but never undermine the importance of a good meal, exercise and a good amount of rest. The website https://www.fitness-studion1.com/ has further details on fitness suggestions. It guides you which choosing juices that have strong protein and makes your body building are more effective.

Always consult your gym instructor or dietician and follow the RDAs that is advised.

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