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Benefits of Working with Professional Tree Surveyors


Tree surveying conducted on public and private landscapes giving vital info, ensuring property owners can efficiently plan the use of their properties. With the info gathered and provided by these tree specialists, you can decide on what to do with the trees.  Tree arborists work with the British Standard BS5837, and so they can easily tell which trees need to be removed and the ones to be retained. Searching for the best tree surveyor, here is everything you should know.

Information Gathered From Tree Surveys

  • Accurate measurements of the tree diameter and height
  • Scientific name identification by identifying the tree’s species.
  • The tree’s total age, depending on the look and physical strength of the tree
  • They will offer tree management and care recommendations
  • The expected life expectancy of the tree
  • The general tree health

Prevents Accidental Tree Cutting

A tree survey is crucial under all conditions and in all environments. The surveys give detailed information regarding the location and condition of the trees, preventing instances when certain trees will be cut wrongly. Tree surveys are mostly conducted so that people can get to decide where to build homes.  With the info, it also becomes easier to decide where to build certain structures.

Helps in Landscape Designing

The info gathered will be very crucial in ensuring landscape designers. Landscape designers will have the chance to create computer designs that adhere to the collected info. And since the inputted info will be accurate and updated, the created drafts will be realistic. Lack of quality and accurate info makes it impossible to come up with the most accurate landscaping designs. Also, with the info they gather, landscape designers will know, which trees if removed, will create room for other important things, and the ones, if removed, will leave the landscape in a mess.

Points out Potential Hazards

In a tree survey, the surveyors have quality access to info about the condition, status, and health of a tree. They will easily pinpoint any trees that pose risks to people. They can tell if a tree is going to fall any time, and the measures to be employed, so people are avoided from such threats. If it’s a must for the tree to be cut down to save the landscape or those living around such places, they will recommend the best techniques to ensure efficient and smooth removal.

The most comprehensive tree survey conducted by qualified and trained arboriculturists will give detailed info on the kind and range of trees available in a land. With such information, homeowners and relevant authorities will be in a better position to make informed decisions. Getting a qualified tree surveyor to conduct the surveys is highly recommended since that’s the only way to be assured of getting quality results from the survey.

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