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Before you buy a robot vacuum, check this post first


This is the future, and we have robots doing it all: Cars that drive themselves, drones that navigate the sky and robot vacuums that find their way around furniture. A robot vacuum keeps things relatively clean and saves you the hassle of scheduling a maid service or nagging your kids to do their chores.

Technically, the future is already here, and you are presented with robots doing your own house chores; robot vacuums are very trendy nowadays knowing that it can conveniently clean an entire floor without any human intervention. A robot vacuum can keep things completely clean and even saves you a lot of hassle to schedule a cleaning service or doing it yourself.

A robot vacuum does not entirely replace a conventional vacuum or a general house cleaning; however, it does help pick up messes like food crumbs, cat litter, hair falls, dust, and other dense particles that people usually leave behind on their floors.

They were very well suited for office spaces as well, knowing that everyone inside the office has deadlines to beat and tasks to complete, look at this. There are a lot of robot vacuums out there that are pre-scheduled to run depending on the owner’s tasks. It can run twice a day or much more while some even have its own companion applications that can be installed to your phone to provide more personalized use.

If you are planning to buy your own robot vacuum anytime soon, maybe this post will surely get your interest because listed below are some of the most important considerations you have to remember when you purchase a robot vacuum.

  1. Determine the size of your house’s flooring– Before you get too excited to buy your own robot vacuum, you have to consider how big your house is because there are some robot vacuums that work better in smaller floorings and environment such as apartments, duplexes, and townhomes while there are some models out there that are suited for larger spaces. Your decision will surely depend on the size of your own dwelling or make a Roomba Comparison.
  2. Is your floor carpeted or hardwood? A lot of robot vacuum models out there can conveniently handle both carpets and hardwood in terms of cleaning, however, some are much better at cleaning surfaces and can change by powering up whenever a carpet is detected or it can throttle down when it detects hardwood through its sensors.
  3. Do you have pets? A lot of robot vacuum makers nowadays designed their models to clean up after your pets. There are models out there that can pick up dog and cat fur with ease while some models even have HEPA filters that help eliminate all allergens in the air.
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