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Audio transcription- best for the global audience


When verbal communication is written for your experience by a transcriptionist, it is known as audio transcription. It helps to bring the entire content to life for the sake of the audience. Transcriptionists add captions or edit the content so that it becomes interesting for the global audience.

This transcription process helps to write records of human voices, courtroom proceedings, webinars, interviews, movies, and public speeches. Nowadays, it also includes video recordings. Despite the definition, it will always be a written category for the audience.

Types of audio-transcriptions

There are three types of audio transcriptions. They are:

  • Intelligent verbatim service
  • Verbatim transcription services
  • Non-verbatim transcription services

Process of creation

Various factors are kept in mind while creating the transcription. Someone who has a vast knowledge of the language that includes the language’s context to its slangs and nuance. Nowadays, people often use an automated transcriber to transcribe an audio/video through computer-generated transcriptions. 

Computer-generated transcriptions are way faster and much less expensive. But the computer-generated transcriptions often miss out on nuances of the language that results in some extra work.  

Easy to handle

It is challenging to identify the required information from an audio file, be it a speech, interview, movie, human voices, courtroom speeches, or webinars. It helps to store the data of the document and enables them to find keywords from the data.

Generate more viewers

This transcription procedure helps to generate more viewers as it enables adding subtitles, which makes the video look more attractive. The viewers become double sure of the facts that are being said or taught in the video. In any case, if the viewers do not understand anything in the video, he/she can go through the subtitles to be sure. 

It also enables the viewers to watch the video without turning on the sound, as the subtitles will help to know the video’s content.  Traffic on any channel is increasing due to the subtitles by the transcribers.

There is nothing wrong when it comes to distributing knowledge. Audio transcription allows you to spread the knowledge by converting the speeches into a written format, and that can be read both in the printed version and in PDF formats. Having this transcription helps you have the exact information you want to have rather than going through the whole matter. It is a much time-saving procedure. 

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