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A lucrative option for those who are concerned with the safety of money


Every investor has a serious concern about the safety of his investment. In many cases, people who love to have more return lose money because of their greed. As a prudent investor, one needs to understand that the risk and return are two sides of a coin, and one cannot have a better return without the risk to the amount invested.

Hence those who love to take risk may get a good return, but at the same time, the probability of losing money is also high. In the avenues where one can surely get the money back, the return is low. Hence one who wants to invest some amount has to see the level of risk to his money first. The mutual fund is the only option where one can expect a good return over a period with low or moderate risk.

The mutual fund:

The mutual fund is also just like other options where one can get units for the amount invested at a certain value. This value is called NAV, and as per the NAV, only one can buy or sell the units. The amount can be invested open or close-ended funds. Here one needs to understand the difference between both of these options.

The open-ended is the option where the investor can invest the amount at any point of time and get the amount also withdrawn as per his wish. This is not the case with the investment in close-ended fund as one has to keep the amount blocked for a certain period. One can easily go for direct mutual fund investment in this era as there are an ample number of sites and apps available that can help one invest the amount.

The investment:

To invest in a mutual fund, one can try an offline or online mode. He needs to have certain documents and provide them to the concerned company while investing in any of these modes. In an online option, one can have direct mutual fund investment, which can help him get the amount invested without paying any commission to anyone. The offline mode can be helpful to those who are not much comfortable in using various options available on the online platform. In any case, one needs to provide a few of his documents and payment for the investment that helps him get the investment done in the scheme selected by him.

Why go for a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is an option where one can find complete transparency in the transactions. One can check his units available in folio, know the NAV of the units of a particular day and find out his total investment on the basis of which he can also know if he is getting a return or running in loss. One can withdraw the amount as per his requirement, and the process for the redemption of the unit is also very simple. The return in this avenue is good, and risk is comparatively low, which help one make his money earn like him in the market.

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