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8 Steps to Prepare your Home for an Open House


You have decided to sell your current home, contacted a realtor who listed the property and you are now preparing for the open house. While this is an exciting time it can also be overwhelming if you do not make a to-do list and break all you need to do into steps. Being organized can make the difference in whether you get an offer and if it will be the asking price.

The open house is an important part of selling any home so you should ensure your house is ready to have potential buyers walk through it. Doing these few essential steps means your house will be looking its best during the viewings. If you are in the Vernon real estate market these are some things you can do to prepare your home for a sale.

Step 1: Clear the Clutter

When we have lived in a home for a long time we slowly accumulate things that fill our rooms and closets. When you have potential buyers viewing your property you do not want any clutter as it distracts them making it difficult to get a full understanding of what the home offers. Get some boxes and go through the stuff filling your corners, surfaces and closets.

Step 2: Catch up on Repairs and Maintenance

While touring the home, house hunters look out for any potential issue that may cause them problems down the road. Because of this do any repairs you put off and catch up on your household maintenance. If you have any leaky taps, nicks in the walls or windows that do not open properly be sure to fix them. Call in a professional to service your furnace and fireplace if they have not been recently done.

Step 3: Stage Your Home

Not everyone realizes the importance of staging a property so to make it as impressive as possible. Once the clutter is gone you should focus on furniture placement and elements like lighting. If some rooms have more pieces and others have less you could consider shifting them around so each room looks spacious and inviting. A bright home is more welcoming so add lighting and open blinds if necessary.

Step 4: Paint Overly Bright or Outdated Colours

It is always nice to customize the colours covering our walls when we are living in a space but when trying to sell a home more subdued hues are ideal. Though repainting a home is a quick fix for new owners many viewers have a hard time looking past it if the colours are too bright or outdated. This does not necessarily mean redoing the whole home. Instead focus on the ones that stand out.

Step 5: Increase Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is almost as important as the inside when it comes to presentation. The front of the property is the first thing a potential buyer and their realtor sees so creating a positive first impression is key. The lawn should be freshly mowed and any shrubs and bushes pruned. A well-placed planter or two with blooming flowers will add to the appeal.

Step 6: Cleaning Top to Bottom

If the thought of doing a deep scrub on your house seems overwhelming call in a professional cleaning service to do it for you. Let them know you are preparing the residence for a sale so it needs to be exceptionally clean. If you are doing additional viewings get it cleaned once a week to keep it in top-top shape. If you are doing it yourself remember all the nooks and crannies.

Step 7: Neutralize Odours

Overtime we grow used to the smells filling our home from things such as cooking or our son’s hockey gear. It is essential to clear these out before an open house or property viewing. Open your windows, get your carpets steamed and clean out any kitty litter boxes. Do not use scented home deodorizers but instead go buy an essential oil diffuser and put in a couple of drops of lemon. Not too many so it is not too strong.

Step 8: Leave it to the Realtor

Some homeowners are tempted to hang about during the open house to gauge the reaction of potential buyers as well as to let them know how great their house is. This is not a good idea. When the owner is present buyers are uncomfortable and they are less likely to ask questions or take the time to view the home properly.

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