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4 Best Ways To Wear Headbands With Ethnic Wear


Who doesn’t want to be looked attractive and stylish. Looking stunning and attractive is the desire of every people but girls have more desire than men and it is well known. Outfits and accessories have big role in making someone look beautiful. There are number of outfits and accessories, which are very well known and the part of latest fashion to enhance the attractiveness. Head bands are also in one of them

Girls often get difficulty in wearing headbands in spite of loving them so much because of lack of idea to wear it. Here few best ways are given to wear headbands with the perfect match of attires. In India there are different versions of headbands which is called maang tika as well that is very popular to give a girl unique and stylish look.

  1. Sideway metallic headband:Girls who want to get lot of attention from headband can try this sideway metallic headband with ethnic wear that go one side of the head. It will undoubtedly give amazing look.
  2. Should be worn like a crown:Headbands should always be worn in crown like style, this style will surely give look like a princess and will undoubtedly help to get so much attentions.
  3. Golden Frilled Headband:Golden frilled headband would be perfect with the combination of silver colour ethnic wear, no doubt it would give exceptionally fabulous look.
  4. Headband with Maang Tika: Maang tika is one of the famous Indian accessories that are worn on head by girls, the combination of maang tiika with headband would be such a great combination to wear with traditional Indian clothlike lehenga, undoubtedly it will be the reason of getting attention.
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